Fed up with waiting for updates to install? iTunes needs to do an update when you just want to listen to some music? 

Then why not let us monitor your IT? We offer a range of IT monitoring solutions as listed below.

Device Management

Losing your mobile device is something we all hope will never happen, but unfortunately it does. With Coldfire Mobile Device Management, we can remotely disable or completely wipe your device so if it is picked up by the wrong person, they can't access your sensitive data. We can also track the last known location, so if you're not sure where you've left it - we can help you find it!

Only £3 per month

Coldfire Monitoring

Keep your operating system and all apps up-to-date with our Coldfire Monitoring software.
Features include: Auto update of all programs
Windows updates ran silently
Weekly cleanup to keep your computer optimised
Coldfire Communication Client - if you have an issues, just send us a message!
Remote IT Support
Discounted labour rates

All this for £5 a month

Coldfire Client Security

Everything that comes with our Coldfire Monitoring package plus a full security suite! Client security that is powered by Comodo for a Firewall and Anti-Virus solution you can trust.

Just £10 a month

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